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The Fishwives

“- The first thing I drank as a baby was a drop of champagne.” 

“- At 3 years old I would snack on a spoonful of blue cheese”.

That’s how you grow up in France. Your best memories are around food and eating is like a religion!!!

Over half a decade ago we came to NZ inspired by the promise of a real good looking rugby player. We were amazed by the quality of the products, locally grown, well balanced, and a touch of earthiness! Now we wanted to stay. 

The spark was there, and all we needed was something to light it up. After a fascinating kitchen experience for one and a sourdough adventure for the other, we stumbled on the craft of smoking salmon. 


And here we are, happy Fishwives excited to see you at the market and ready for a bigger journey!

Alice & Marie 

The Fishwives: About
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